Working cooperatively with others towards achieving a shared goal

How does rowing help?

This skill applies to working within both formal and informal teams, and also with customers, clients, or other stakeholders. Initially, this is about individuals fulfilling expectations around being positive, behaving appropriately, being timely and reliable and taking responsibility. This extends to understanding and respecting diversity of others' cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Rowing puts a high demand on teamwork, the key tenants of working positively, behaving appropriately, reliability and time keeping are learnt early on. With the nature of team training and crew boats having everyone present and ready to go reliably is so important. With the elevated level of teamwork being able to take responsibility for your actions is key.

The next steps focus on contributing to a team through group decision making recognising the value of others' ideas and encourage others to contribute too. Beyond that, individuals improve their teams through managing conflict and building relationships beyond the immediate team. At the top steps, individuals focus on how they influence their team through suggesting improvements and learning lessons from setbacks.

Ultimately, individuals support the team by evaluating others strengths and weaknesses and bringing in external expertise and relationships.

As rowers learn more about team work then can start to have more pivotal roles in the brief and debrief for each session, providing feedback and taking an active role in group decision making. Once they become aware of their ability to improve the team, they can start to help others in their clubs, particularly those in younger years.

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