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Meet James Carew - Tideway's Digital Communications Manager

James' role at Tideway is fast paced and full-on, as he is in charge of all of Tideway's digital output - from coordinating interviews for regional and national press, managing the day-to-day running of Tideway's social media channels, and creating PR and social media advertising campaigns to help spread the word of how Tideway are cleaning up the River Thames for the next generation!

Watch as James talks about 'Leadership', why it's so important in the working world and how he uses this skill every day in his role

Meet John Sage - Tideway’s Head of Corporate Responsibility

John makes sure that when Tideway conducts its business, it does so responsibly: being a good neighbour in its communities; treating its staff and suppliers in the right way; and tracking and reporting on its legacy for London. He is also responsible for Tideway’s community investment and STEM programmes and he is also a Trustee at LYR!  

Watch as John talks about 'Leadership' and gives two tips on how you can show leadership at school and in your life.


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