Our Life Skills programme is delivered through LYR ActiveRow, which reaches over 5,000 young people from London, Leeds,  Nottingham and Gravesend in Kent. We want our young people to learn about  and develop life skills that can be used  in all aspects of their lives.   

And it’s not just about our young people. In our coach development programme we use these five skills to develop our own team, teaching their importance and how they can be incorporated into rowing sessions, helping to build a generation of skilled rowing coaches focused on making the sport,  and sport in general, more inclusive. .  

LYR uses the Skills Builder framework to structure, track and reflect development, with students focused on developing a key life skill each school half term.  Pupils also take part in termly skills development and employability workshops run with LYR's corporate partners to demonstrate how essential these skills are in the working world. We aim to link our students with companies who can inspire them to seek successful careers and reach their potential.   The videos below, produced with our partners, are shown to our students to demonstrate how each skill is transferrable into different workplaces.

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Coaches' Corner

Meet our coaches

Our coaches not only teach young people how to row but that education is a lifelong pursuit and the learnings never stop. Each coach comes to us from a different background with a different story. We aim to foster our coaches to development and encourage them to grow and share their life skills with us and the young people they interact with.  

Here are some of their thoughts, memories, and pieces of advice…  

Simone Wetherall

LYR Programmes Coach, SEND Lead

Alex Walsh

LYR Programmes Coach, Youth Club and Other Partners Lead ‍

Kieran Langridge

LYR Programmes Coach, AP Programme Lead 

Matilda Haines

LYR Programmes Coach

Lawrence Farquharson

LYR Senior Coach & Network Schools Manager

Ewan Muir

LYR Talent Inclusion Lead

Owen Shephard-Wyatt

LYR East On-Water Manager & Active Paddle Lead

Rebecca Clephan

LYR Leeds Programme Coach

Trevor Rainbow

LYR Nottingham Programme Coach

Samuel Ogundana

LYR Programmes Coach, Islington Lead

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This website has been built around the The Skills Builder Universal Framework, Ravenscroft, T.M. (2020), Skills Builder Universal Framework of Essential Skills, London: Skills Builder Partnership at www.skillsbuilder.org/framework

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