Staying Positive

The ability to use tactics and strategies to overcome setbacks and achieve goals

This skill is all about individuals being able to manage their emotions effectively when facing a setback, remaining motivated and ultimately motivating those around them.  

Initially the focus is on identifying emotions, either positive or negative, and building one's response by staying calm and continuing to try. Being able to reflect and think about what went wrong and how to better respond in the future.  

Rowing is the perfect scenario of how to build resilience; at the beginning of a rowing career, it can be hard and frustrating, by focusing on one's strengths and keeping attitudes positive it can bring the best out in young people.   

Helping others to see opportunities and creating plans to achieve them.  

The journey of a rower entails many failures and setbacks, but the key is to take the learnings from these situations and turn them into valuable lessons and opportunities to grow. Learning to spread this positivity with those struggling around you is the best lesson taught by sport.

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Staying Positive

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