Tideway is upgrading London’s sewer system to cope with its growing population.

The 25km tunnel will intercept, store and ultimately transfer sewage waste away from the River Thames.

Since 2019, Tideway, have used the Universal Skills Framework to support their outreach activities.

After noticing how well their programmes could accelerate essential skills development in young people, the team at Tideway began to explore how the framework could be used to help their staff to develop their essential skills.

Meet James Carew - Tideway's Digital Communications Manager!

James' role at Tideway is fast paced and full-on, as he is in charge of all of Tideway's digital output - from coordinating interviews for regional and national press, managing the day-to-day running of Tideway's social media channels, and creating PR and social media advertising campaigns to help spread the word of how Tideway are cleaning up the River Thames for the next generation!

Watch as James talks about 'Leadership', why it's so important in the working world and how he uses this skill every day in his role

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